Websites and Digital Marketing
tailored to your business

Flagpole Digital Services

Small Startup to Medium Sized Business


Designing and developing custom websites to match your vision and meet your needs.

Digital Marketing

Implementing and measuring successful SEO, Search, and Social Media Ad campaigns

Platform Management

Standing up and connecting your digital presence across services - Web, Email, Search, Social, CRM, Events, eCommerce, Brick and Mortar

Corporate Enterprise

Marketing Technology

Working with business and tech teams to launch B2B and Direct-to-Consumer Marketing tools.

Web and Email Personalization

Using data sets to drive dynamic content relevant to your customer

CRM Platforms

Connecting services with CRM platforms and automating workflows.

Some businesses we have worked with
"The communication was great, the speed was great, the deliverable was great. Very happy with the final result."
Bill F.
Flagpole Digital Customer

Customer Experience First

At Flagpole Digital, we look at each project from the eyes of the end consumer. Understanding the human being and gathering insights from their interaction with a product is integral in delivering a valuable experience to your customer, and ours.

Practical Marketing Technologies

Whether your business is running on the latest integrated CRM or legacy systems, Flagpole Digital can assess your marketing needs against your technology stack to offer practical methods for utilizing existing features and implementing new. One size does not fit all.

Implementing and Improving Processes

“Work smarter, not harder.” People succeed when they learn, retain, and build upon the qualities that make them special. Businesses succeed in the same way. Smart processes and governance is essential to efficiently managing a changing organization.

Measuring your success

At Flagpole Digital, we look to your customers to gauge the success of your marketing investments. A feature borne out of informed insight rewards your customer with an improved experience. In turn, that customer rewards you with visits, purchases, social praise, and a higher lifetime value. Each metric defined, measurable, and actionable. 

What gets us excited?

Shared Success

Your success is our success. We have a genuine interest in growing your business. What is important to us is that we have a person to person partnership with you.

Email and Website Marketing

The first line of your digital presence. We have the expertise to optimize your current website and marketing materials or start from scratch.

Honest Conversations

How do you determine your marketing budget and ROI? What should your expectations be? We'll work with you to create a strategy, timeline, and forecast that is specific to your goals and budget.

Integrated Marketing Tech

We can help you understand the technologies you're using and streamline your operations, or advise on the right tools for your business.

Omnichannel Touchpoints

We know your customer doesn't only exist in an online world. We have years of experience with direct mail, call centers, and point-of-sale operations.

A/B Testing and Optimization

When we start testing, we storyboard the user flow to look for touchpoints to optimize. Whether it's a customer's checkout or their using your product, we'll help you identify and optimize your user's experience.

How can we work with you?

Let's have a conversation.

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